How to Choose an Evening Dress.

When choosing an evening dress, it always comes down to your body shape. These style tips will guide you through looking fab with the right evening or any dress for that matter, on you.

What’s the most important thing in choosing an evening dress? Choose the one that’s right for your figure and your lifestyle. Obviously, if you’re choosing an fashion evening dress, you already got an occasion to go to, so think about what the occasion is and how good you want to go and how much you want to dress it up or dress it down. But make sure that you can have versatility with it so don’t choose just a one-off dress that’s so statement that you can’t do anything with it past that one wear.

Let’s start with the apple shape. Apple shapes carry a bit more weight on their tummies, so go for something that actually holds you in a little bit more. Choose a classic dress that has not got too much detailing on it, is really simple with a little bit of ruching on the bust but it’s really streamlined.

It just accentuates the line on the bust, shows off your fantastic legs, but also it isn’t too bad about disguising a bit of a tummy. If however, you really are conscious of your tummy and you’re an apple shape, why not go for something which has a lot more ruching on it? It’s going to disguise your tummy but also putting a belt on just on that join line is also going to help. If you’re a rhubarb, you’re straight up, straight down, haven’t got a massive bust but you have fantastic legs and you’re nice and tall, so a Chicago-esque dress is really classy.

It’s got a high neckline which means you can really add a statement necklace. It’s nice and short and it shows off your fabulous legs. A blank canvas can be worked into so many different ways.

Add a colored tight, a statement necklace, really big earrings and it really works for the figure because it adds detailing on the top, volume to your bust and shows off your fantastic legs. Another great option for a rhubarb is a strapless number. It cinches in, it creates a bit more of a waist and it gives a rhubarb shape a bit more of a hip.

If you’re a strawberry shaped, it means you have a slightly broader shoulder, you want to always counteract the shoulder or create volume on your hip. A really great dress for strawberry shape is something with a broad shoulder which actually opens up your body with this nice V but also with a tulip bottom that really works to balance out on your shoulders. Another great one is something that gives your hip the feeling of being a little bit bigger which also balances out your shoulders, so it just brings your proportions back in.

You can add a belt, a statement necklace, but either way, you can dress it up or you can dress it down and add some knit wear. If you’re a pear shape, it’s always slightly harder to find the right fit. But with dresses, you can pretty much get away with so many.

Go for something that is cut underneath the bust, so you want to go for empire lines that are really going to exaggerate the tiniest bit of your body which is underneath your bust. If you’re much bigger on the bottom, then you want to go with something that’s going to disguise your hips but what you want to do is just a bit of bulk in the shoulders, so add a cardigan or a nice cashmere just to create that volume on your shoulders to balance at your hips. Now, for hourglass figures, always exaggerate your waist because you’ve got a slightly bigger bust and you’ve got slightly bigger hips but the tiny little waist to show off.

When you’re trying to buy your dress, make sure that you do have in mind what you’re going to accessorize it with. So, if you’re choosing something that’s simple and black, try and add a little bit of color into your look, go for something really vibrant on the shoe, or if you’re going for something that’s a bit of a blank canvas, try an accessory that is really big and statement, and make your dress pop. So, enjoy wearing your evening dresses, ladies.


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