Shion Utsunomiya: Interesting Facts.

If you go online and search for Japanese porn stars, you will surely find tons of Shion Utsunomiya pics. Dubbed by many as the sexiest and bustiest personality in the adult industry in Japan, there is no wonder why she is popular. She has made tons of porn videos and left many men with the wildest fantasies. She is popular not only in Japan but also in Korea and in other countries. Her hotness stands out because of her sizzling hot body. Keep on reading to more about her.

She is Rara Anzai

When you look for Shion Utsunomiya pics and videos online, you might also see the name of Rara Anzai appearing. Do not end up being confused. They are the same person. Like other porn stars, she reintroduced herself with a new name. This is a matter of reinvention, providing her career with a new track and viewers with something new to look forward to.

She is Young

Many have been in the porn industry for long, making them veteran. This, however, is not the case with Shion Utsunomiya. She was born on March 7, 1994. Even at a young age, it would be safe to say that she succeeded in the adult video industry. Her career started in 2013, which makes her 19 years old at that time.

She is Petite, and She Has Big Boobs

From the Shion Utsunomiya pics that you can see online, or from her adult videos, the massive size of her boobs will surely be noticeable. This is no camera trick. She really has big boobs, which is exactly what most men like from her. Her height, however, is only five feet and three inches. Her petite size, coupled by her big boobs, makes her really hot!

She Loves Swimming

When she is not busy with her work, she loves swimming. This is one activity that she enjoys the most and is perhaps one of the reasons why she has one of the sexiest bodies in Japanese porn. Rara Anzai maintains her curvy body though swimming, which is not only recreational but also her form of physical exercise.

She Got Real Boobs

Also from Shion Utsunomiya pics, you can see her big boobs, perhaps bigger than most porn stars you have already seen. Her boobs are true! She has never undergone any operation or breast implants. She is really gifted with such bust and luckily, for men, she put it into good use. She is the perfect epitome of how you should flaunt it if you have it. By Japanese measurements, her cup size is J and has measurement f 105 centimeters, which is large. If you are the kind of man who fantasizes big boobs, you will find her hot.

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