How to Pick Up a Sexy Russian Girl in 10 Easy Steps.

One of the main things you need to know about Russian women is that they actually love being picked up. But there are certain rules of how to approach such a girl whether you meet her in the street or on a Russian dating site. So take a look at the top 10 things you’d better to consider if you want to make a hot Russian chic like you.

1. Take the first step first

Basically, Russian women expect men to pick them up so don’t hesitate to take the initiative! When you are at the venue where many Russian girls gather (like at a club), watch out how they react on you. If some of them clearly drop hints (smile at you, touch their hair, or whatever else) – accept the challenge!

2. Pay her compliments

Cute Russian girls attract guys all around the planet. Besides, they want to constantly receive attention. Don’t start with banal pickup lines you may find on the Internet – be inventive! Comment not only on her stunning appearance but on her talents, cleverness, and character traits as well.

3. Behave manly

Girls in Russia are extra feminine. As a result, they adore mannish behavior. Prove you are an alpha male: be initiative, erudite, determined, and confident. The latter is especially important since many guys are too timid to approach a gorgeous Russian lady. Show her it is you who controls the satiation!

4. Look your best

To impress a hot Russian girl, you should match her look. These women never leave home without picking the most glamorous outfit and wearing makeup. And those famous high-heeled shoes that rarely can be seen on the streets of Western towns. Dress sharp, do your hair and exhale your best fragrance.

5. Know where to approach her

Another good thing about Russian women is that they are generally ready to flirt everywhere. But that doesn’t mean they are easy to pick up. They will barely prolong acquaintances made just in the street. Better if you approach a Russian lady of your dream at a bar or club where the special air is created.

6. Send sexual vibes

Don’t wait until a Russian girl gives you a kind of permission. Again, these ladies prefer determined men. This is actually your job to make her respond. Start with pretty light gestures and gazes and escalate the tension if you see she is longing for more. Or step back and give her a few minutes to feel the hunger.

7. Crack jokes

Persons with a funny bone definitely have more chances for success with females. Even if your gags are slightly hilarious, a Russian woman might evaluate those. Just try to make your jokes relevant and original. Demonstrate your positive attitude to the situation and she will fall for you!

8. Offer her a drink

This is one of the most effective tricks. Unlike girls in the West, who rather prefer splitting costs, Russian ladies fall for men who are capable of picking up the tab. As her prospective mate, you should prove yourself as a self-sufficient candidate. Likewise, buying her a drink works as a perfect icebreaker.

9. Ask for her phone number

After you’ve get acquainted and chatted for a while, you have a legal right to suggest her meet you again. If a Russian girl likes you, she won’t refuse to go out, believe us. Just move the first move first. In a casual but nice style ask your new friend to give you her phone number. You may call right the next day.

10. Be a gentleman

Last but not least, you should demonstrate ultimate politeness while communicating with a Russian woman. Gentlemen are their little weakness. Help her to be seated, to put on a coat and to get out of the car – everything that a modern chevalier is supposed to do. Be sure, she won’t remain indifferent.

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