8 Solid Ways to Win a Second Date.

“First date tips” is among the most popular topics on the Internet. Guys and girls wish to know how to impress a potential partner in the very beginning. Yet this is just a half of your result. Getting the second date isn’t as easy as you might imagine. Discover how to win it with Russian Girls from!

1. Forget about your smartphone for a while

Mobile phone addiction is turning into a serious problem nowadays. We become overly dependent on the Internet. Just get to thinking about how irritating it is to date a guy who unstoppably checks the updates or responds to his buddies’ calls. During a date, your main job is to pay attention to your partner.

2. Give her something nice

Small gifts are necessary to create a special impression of you. In fact, not every girl likes getting those at the very first date. Yet this is the way to show your appreciation. This shouldn’t be expensive or luxurious – just buy flowers or a chocolate. Strictly speaking, you’d better clarify what she likes or dislikes before asking her out.

3. Demonstrate the gentleman’s behaviour

This is actually what you should do every day. Act nicely to everyone around and people will like you more, it’s quite simple. Show politeness, help her go up- and downstairs or get out of a car, hold doors and pull chairs for her. Even though you think it’s obsolete, a rare girl wouldn’t evaluate your manners.

4. Learn the art of communication

To build a connection between the two of you, you should talk. However, it may turn out to be more difficult than you think – many guys fail to promote a conversation. Remember that she must be the centre of your attention. Give her an opportunity to express her mind and react to her words.

5. Offer to pick up the tab

Yes, we are now entering the era of gender equality. Ladies get overly independent and self-sufficient. But this doesn’t mean you should hide your manliness. One of the ways you can prove it is to pay for her meal and entertainment. We just recommend you asking her opinion first – some girls are really obsessed with their independence.

6. Keep up the right tone

Don’t run into extremes by being too serious or too fun throughout the entire date. Know when to change the tone of communication – watch her reactions out and use your intuition to vary the topics and manners.

7. Leave all your troubles behind

Being immersed in your thoughts won’t bring you any success. A first date is a critical event that allows you to get to know each other. This impression will define your future romance. No matter how tired, shy, or exhausted you are, don’t let her know that. Enjoy what you are doing just here and now.

8. Kiss her!

Here, we have come to a really delicate topic. To be or not to be? In fact, this depends on how your date was. If you feel everything was fantastic, a kiss will be the best ending on Earth. What you shouldn’t do is to ask her: “May I kiss you?” Just do it. Girls often complain their partners were too timid, don’t be one of those guys.

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