14 Best Movies to Watch on a Date.

Sometimes, you just wanna spend a calm evening with your partner. Why not spend this time on watching good movies? Our experts from prepared the top 17 movies perfect for watching on a romantic date. Read now!

1. When Harry Met Sally

A classical movie tells us bout a girl and a guy love stood the test of time. What else do you need for a romantic meetup?

2. 50 First Dates

At the first sight, this is nothing but just an uncomplicated romcom. However, the movie tackles far more serious topics that definitely worth your attention.

3. Casablanca

Indeed, this is an all-time classic Hollywood movie. Even today, it’s considered to be among the best romantic films ever thanks to its fascinating plot, brilliant acting, and sophisticated great black and white picture.

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

In fact, this wonderful story about two lovers trying to recall their past and start again is worth watching on any occasion.

5. Pitch Perfect

If you’re into music movies, this one is also recommended to watching: light and full of excellent performances. And, of course, nobody can remain indifferent to Fat Amy!

6. Annie Hall

Woody Allen’s movies barely need any introductions, and this one is a true masterpiece featuring elements of autobiography, romance, and comedy.

7. Jurassic Park

Let’s face the truth: everyone likes Jurassic Park, an iconic action and adventure movie by Steven Spielberg. Being on a romantic date doesn’t mean you should watch romcoms only.

8. Edward Scissorhands

That’s another cult film with Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. A rare story could be more touching than this tale about an artificial guy who appears to be dangerous yet is totally gracious inside.

9. Hitch

Romcoms seem to be the obvious choice when it comes to spending a sweet evening together. And Hitch is definitely on the top of the list.

10. Secretary

Before 50 Shades of Grey was even invented, this story of a boss and his secretary and their unusual sexual experience had already charmed and turned on vast audiences. Highly recommended to diversify your love life.

11. Ghost

From our view, this is just a must-see film. Crime dramas can also be alluring when the love theme is included. Ghost tells us about love that’s even stronger than death and presents an intriguing detective story at the same time.

12. Friends with Benefits

Humanity can’t stop arguing if the male-female friendship exists. This movie tries to clarify the question as well. Whatever your personal opinion is, you will certainly have a good time.

13. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Perfect to bring some energy to your evening: an amazing mix of psychology, sexiness, action, and the undeniable chemistry between the main characters

14. In the Mood for Love

Hong Kong cinematography may be peculiar in the foreigners’ view; however, this is one of those movies you should see. The story centres around two people who cheat on their spouses – yet the citation turns out to be far more complicated.

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